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Muuto halves side table light grey
Muuto halves side table light grey Muuto halves side table light grey

Muuto halves side table light grey

Incl. btw

> afmetingen: hoogte: 47 cm, diameter: 35,5 cm
> materiaal: Gemaakt van grote gegoten lakens van acrylsteen composiet

Meer van: Muuto
Levertijd: 1-2 dagen

HALVES successfully finds the beauty in its technical form and a healthy balance between aesthetic and functionality. The table is crafted out of an acrylic stone composite, making it a steady and an approachable platform; the epitome of MSDS. The Canadian based collective cleverly capture the essence of Nordic design.

HALVES’ distinctive rounded edges showcase precision, while the seamless joints help to construct the asymmetric body. The second level shelving allows the table to transform simply by placing it at various angles. This provides the ability to highlight a complex, yet uncluttered profile. HALVES works perfectly beside a sofa, as a bedside table, or a standalone surface both in a private and public setting.


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